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  • 91L manual reset MCCB

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  • Application:Computer outlet, combination socket, power converter, instrumentation, electrical, multi-strip, small generators and other multi-protection applications

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  • Overload protection is commonly referred to as: Torque holder, over power protection, torque clutch, clutch torque, force limiters, axial load overload protection, torque limiter, safety clutch, safety couplings, clutch force limiters, clutch force limiters, ball clutch, friction clutch. Role overload: The commonly used in power transmission installed between the active and passive side, when an overload fault (torque exceeds a set value), the torque limiter will produce separate in order to effectively protect the drive mechanism and load; common form: friction type torque limiter and ball type torque limiter. Form of torque limiter mounting structure are: Axis - Axis, Axis - flanges, shafts - timing belt pulleys, shafts - sprocket shaft - gears, shafts - the pulley and so on.

    Technical parameters:
    Rated current: 1.0A - 10Amp.
    Rated voltage: 125 / 250Vac 50Vdc 50 / 60Hz.
    Breaking capacity:. 1,000Amp × 125Vac 200Amp × 250Vac
    Insulation test: 1,500Vac / min.
    Overload: 6 times the rated current
    Minimum voltage: less than 0.25V.
    Insulation resistance test: more than 500 M ohms
    Reset Time: push reset (within 20 seconds)
    Line terminal temperature: 100% when tested under 65 ℃ temperature less than 25 ℃.
    Contact Endurance: 125Vac × 150% of rated current more than 500 times.
    Test Standard (thermostat 25 ℃)
    100% of rated current: no escape
    150% of rated current: 1 hour trip
    200% of rated current: 3-30 seconds to escape
    300% of rated current: 0.5 to 4.0 seconds to jump

    Product Certification: UL / TUV / CE / CB / RoHS

    90 series torque holding overload protection

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