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  • Storage battery Mini Circuit Breaker

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  • Application:Computer outlet, combination socket, power converter, instrumentation, electrical, multi-strip, small generators and other multi-protection applications

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  • Overload protection by sensing temperature and current to protect the compressor. Overload is basically composed of a normally closed contact and bimetallic element. Overload protection is assembled outside of the compressor, and direct contact with the compressor housing and compressor windings connected in series. If the compressor does not start for some reason, the overload stall current will cause rapid heat the bimetal element bent, cause rapid jump, cut off the current flowing through the compressor to protect the compressor. Similarly, if the compressor motor winding temperature compressor cause abnormal heat is too high, the protector will heat and jump, so as to protect the compressor. As long as the cause of the malfunction does not exclude, in the case of compressor overload, again and again with the action of the bimetal element and open stop.
    Use ohmmeter for testing
    1. If the overload protection device is disconnected, then let it cool to room temperature (closed) continue to measure.
    2. Although capable of continuous observation of work overload, however, to confirm that the parts are there hard work according to specifications.
    3. If you are not sure whether there is a problem overload, replace parts of the same

    Motor overload protection device 88 series breakers UL / TUV / CE / CSA certific


     35 amps/240 volts AC
    35 amps/ 30 volts DC.
    Open Capacity: 1,000A×125VAC
    Hi-pot Test: 1,500V/min
    Overload current : 10 times of rated current
    Min voltage: less than 0.25V
    Reset time : in 60 seconds
    Insulation resistance : more than 500VDC × 100MΩ
    Terminal temp : 100 % test under 25°C
    temperature rise less than 25°C
    Life test: 125VAC × 150 % current, over 500 cycles.
    Test standard(25°C) of this circuit breaker:
    100% rated current: No trip Off
    150% rated current: trip off in 1 hour
    200% rated current: trip off in 40 minutes
    300% rated current: trip off in 10 seconds

    Product Certification: UL / TUV / CE / CB / RoHS

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