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The machine operators need to pay attention to what matters?

The machine operators need to pay attention to what matters?

1, the operator must be familiar with the lathe instructions and the general performance of the lathe, the structure, strictly prohibit the use of super performance.

2, before the start should be according to the provisions of the part of the inspection equipment inspection card machine is complete, normal, safety protection device of automatic CNC lathe is reliable.

3, the operator must be in strict accordance with the operation of automatic CNC lathe operation of machine tools, without the consent of the operator, other personnel shall not open.

4, is strictly prohibited to knock the center frame, the top, the tool holder, guide.

5, press button when the force should be moderate, not hard to beat the keyboard, buttons and display.

6, according to the provisions of the gas lubrication chart, check oil, oil, oil and oil lubrication system is normal, keep clean, oil tank, oil can not open eyes.

7, lathe failure or abnormal phenomenon, should immediately stop check, exclude.

8, the operator to leave the machine tool, change the speed, change the tool, measure the size, adjust the workpiece, should stop.

9, the work is completed, the lathe should be in the original state, and cut off the power supply.

10, do a good job cleaning machine, cleaning, and earnestly implement the handover procedures.

11, keep the machine tool accessories, keep the machine clean and tidy.

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