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Bimetal adjustable thermostat, mechanical type Temperature control switch Categories

Bimetal adjustable thermostat, mechanical type Temperature control switch Categories

      Adjustable Thermostat There are multiple types of flash-type, jog, plug-in such as the use of temperature bimetal mechanical thermostat can be directly mounted and fixed temperature by rivets or aluminum mounting plate installation the body or frame, perceived temperature by conduction or convection radiation, flexible installation location, temperature effect is good, small electromagnetic interference. Wherein the compensation thermostat by absorbing heat of the heating element itself, to control the temperature and reduce temperature fluctuations.
       Steam iron temperature controller, which in addition to steam iron automatic temperature control, but also within the iron in water promptly cut off its power supply, electrical heater to prevent dry heating. Circuit works; the steam iron temperature control circuit from the power circuit, a level detection circuit, the temperature detection circuit and control the implementation of circuit.

       Bimetal adjustable thermostat widely used in burgers machines, toasters, rice cookers, fryers, cookers, electric irons, heaters, oil heater, oven, grill, electric cooker and electric cooker, etc. appliance on. It has a reliable and stable performance, easy installation advantages. Suitable for all types of household appliances temperature control.

      How it works: Electric heating thermostat installed in the site, when the temperature inside the appliance to the long high temperature set temperature, the bimetal jump off the power. When the temperature drops to a certain temperature, the bimetal power take-off again. This repeated work to control power, to effect temperature control. Performance Specifications:

Rated voltage 250V / 110V

7M ">Hot insulation resistance> 7M

Rated current 10A / 15A

5M ">Tide insulation resistance> 5M

The normal operating temperature range of 0 ~ 250

Hot leakage current <0.25mA

When the operating temperature deviation 15

Tide state leakage current <0.5mA

Maximum allowed operating temperature of 250

2400V/S ">Cold pressure> 2400V / S

30000 ">The contact point life> 30,000

2000V/S ">Working state voltage> 2000V / S

Contact form riveting / normally open

2000V/S ">Tide state voltage> 2000V / S

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