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Adjustable electric iron thermostat, adjustable temperature control switch properties and uses
Adjustable electric iron thermostat, adjustable temperature control switch properties and uses

   Adjustable thermostat according to user requirements to be able to free the indoor temperature regulation devices, both preset period of time switch and run multiple function mode is ideal for temperature control and energy-saving products.
First, the principle and application performance
Performance principle: to make the thermostat temperature working fluid within the Ministry to produce the corresponding thermal expansion and contraction of the physical phenomena (working fluid volume change) when the object to be controlled temperature changes, together with the temperature sensing portion of the communication bellows produce expansion or contraction. Through leverage, driven by the switch-off operation, to achieve the purpose of constant temperature. WG series of liquid expansion type thermostat with temperature control accurate, reliable, small-OFF temperature, temperature adjustment range, and large overload current performance characteristics.
f Adjustable Thermostat Application
Focused on the circuit required varies with temperature and automatic on-off occasion, the appliance temperature control in a constant temperature range.
1. Appliances
Drinking fountains, electric open water bottles, coffee furnace, drip coffee maker, domestic hot water bottle, water heaters; microwave, toaster, electric oven, deep fryer, toaster, rice cooker, sandwich oven, soybean milk; disinfection cabinets, dishwashers, dryers, washing machines, electric heater fan, heater, electric heater, medicine maker, hair dryer, iron, vacuum cleaner, boiler, fireplace. .
2. office equipment
Cover machines, hot melt machines, laser printers. . .
3. Automotive
Overheating protection, seat heaters. . . And other kinds of electric appliances and electrical appliances for the temperature control and overheating protection components.
Second, the technical triple the number of:
1, electrical performance: 16 (3) A-250V ~ 10 (1.8) A-400V ~
2, off temperature: According to user requirements, design temperature range (-35 ~ + 320 )
10 ">3, the product life:> 10 million times
4, the electrical strength: AC2000V / 1min
5, normal insulation resistance: 100M
6, the contact resistance: 50m
7, tidal insulation resistance: 10M
8, the temperature response rate: 1.0 / min
9, the minimum current: 200mA

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